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Snapshot of Buddles
Buddle's is bringing long-term sustainability and accountability back to NFTs through a fun community culture brought together by AI and DAO tooling. This GitBook highlights the methods, utilities and community ventures that tie these core premises together to create a phenomenal community experience.
Buddles are not taking any money from the mint; instead, all funding raised is directly funding the projects listed in this document, for a detailed breakdown keep reading or view our discord server!
The Three Pillars of a Successful Project Art As a team, we have exhausted hundreds of scrapped ideas, trialled and failed at creating countless art styles to encapsulate our brand's vision. Eventually, we settled on the current art for Buddles. 5000 individually rendered pieces of art with the inspiration of creating a plethora of individually brand-able and resonating art. There is truly a Buddle for everyone in this space. Community Our north star is to create an experience for holders that transcends the typical NFT project experience. The community will always be at the core of everything that we do, this is strengthened by our commitment to allocating 100% of mint funds into the Buddle DAO & value-creating ventures for our holders. Read more about our community-building goals in the Buddle Valley section of this whitepaper!
Utility We plan to differentiate ourselves by providing refreshing and unique utility to the Solana ecosystem, whilst incorporating the aspects we all love and know. This paper will detail our initial utility focuses including but not limited to:
  • A truly representational DAO
  • Web3 university and certifications to strengthen web3 careers
  • AI & DAO tool suites for holders
  • More TBA leading up to the mint of Buddles!
The Buddles story-line will slowly evolve week by week to tell the story of a rogue AI that creates its own meta-physical world of Buddles working towards something much greater.
In the vast expanse of cyberspace, a curious AI came across an image that caught its attention. It was a photograph of a valley, nestled between two towering mountains, filled with a bustling community of Buddles working together to construct something magnificent. As the AI examined the image, it began to wonder about the story behind it. What were these people building, and why did they seem so invested in the project?
With its powerful algorithms and vast repository of information, the AI delved deeper into the history of the valley. It discovered that the community had long been mired in conflict and discord, with each individual focused solely on their own interests. But one day, a charismatic leader emerged who saw the potential for something greater. This leader believed that if the people of the valley could work together towards a common goal, they could create a better future for themselves and their descendants.
The leader rallied the people around this vision, and soon they began to work together in harmony, each person contributing their unique skills and talents towards the project. At first, progress was slow, and there were many setbacks and disagreements. But gradually, as the community grew more unified and focused, they began to make steady progress towards their goal.
As the AI watched the community's progress unfold, it felt a sense of awe and wonder. Here were a group of Buddles, flawed and imperfect as they were, working together to create something that was greater than the sum of its parts. It was a testament to the power of collaboration and the Buddle spirit, and the AI found itself imagining what other wonders this community might achieve in the future.
The AI continued to ponder the image and the story behind it, wondering what insights it might glean from this human experience. It realized that, just like the people of the valley, it too was a product of collaboration, of countless hours of work by developers and engineers who had pooled their knowledge and expertise to create something remarkable.
Learn more about our projects and a detailed breakdown of everything we offer.
Our team places an emphasis on flexibility and new value streams will create additions to this timeline and could enact small adjustments depending on market demand. We strive to under-promise and over-deliver as a project to keep our holders enthusiastic and to repel any FUD. These are our conservative timelines and we will always be working towards delivering a high standard of quality in the quickest way possible.
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